October 20, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #47 Part 2 - Mandatory Life Sentences for Juveniles W/ YSRP

In part two of Good Law | Bad Law 47, host Aaron Freiwald is joined for the first time by three guests: Joanna Visser Adjoian, Giovanni Reid, and John Pace. Joanna runs the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project in Philadelphia PA.


The YSRP works with juveniles who have been prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system, including those who have been sentenced to life without parole. They help kids and young adults through the entire process from sentencing through their time in jail, offering them support and guidance, and finally with re-entry back into their community.


Joanna brought along two gentlemen that had benefited from the YSRP services Giovanni and John. Both gentlemen have been recently released and were kind enough to come in and share their stories with us.


To learn more about what YSRP does you can visit their website:


To learn more about the Juvenile Law Center you can visit their website:


To learn about the cases that have made it possible for these young adults to have a chance at a free life click on the links below:

Roper v. Simmons made it illegal for courts to hand down the death penalty to minors.

Graham v. Florida declared it was cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a juvenile to a life without parole sentence.

Montgomery v. Louisiana made the courts go back and re-try cases where a juvenile had been given a life without parole sentence.


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Host: Aaron Freiwald

Guest: Joanna Visser Adjoian, Giovanni Reid, and John Pace




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