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June 20, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #25 - Modern Day Watergate / Watergate Anniversary

This week, on the 45th Anniversary of the Watergate scandal, Aaron and Mitch talk about an event that has shaped American politics ever since.


45 years ago five "plumbers" broke into the Watergate hotel which set up one of the biggest scandals in American history. The event defined what power the President, the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General have. 


Today we see clear ties to what happened 45 years ago from someone "hacking" the DNC, special prosecutors, and attorney generals being fired.


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June 16, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #24 - Temple Law Professor Frank McClellan - Dignity In Our Health Care System

Today Aaron is joined by Professor Frank McClellan, a leading expert on health care policy, lawyer, and emeritus professor from Temple University for a conversation about why dignity needs to be a core value in the delivery of health care and why universal care can accomplish that goal. 



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June 9, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #23 - Special Needs Summer Camp - Josh Kershenbaum Interview

This week Aaron is joined by Josh Kershenbaum from Frankel and Kershenbaum in Radnor PA (mykidslawyer.com) to discuss special needs summer camps.


When your child has special needs, it is important that the school system gives them the care and attention they deserve. Today's episode is focused on that exact point. Josh explains some of the options out there for families in this situation and provides some valuable resources!


You can learn more about Josh by visiting his website, sending him an email, or giving him a call at 610-922-4200.


The ESY article Josh references in the episode can be found here.

June 8, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #22 - Hazing Policy Changes

Last Friday Penn State announced "changes" to their hazing policy in light of the recent media coverage and events on their campus. We are looking at these changes one by one and talking about what they really mean.


Aaron and Mitch are discussing what each of these changes means and see if it is a change that will actually make a difference in the climate on campus. 


You can find the proposed changes here.


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May 27, 2017

Good Law | Bad Law #21 - Whistleblowers

This week Aaron and Mitch discuss whistleblowers; the good things that can come from them and what happens when they aren't taken seriously. 


We look at a recent case about a Dr. that was double booking his spinal surgeries. Essentially opperating on two peoples spines and backs at the same time in two operating rooms.


Next, we look at the Tim Piazza / Penn State case that has been in the news recently. We see how when a whistleblowers warnings are ignored the drastic situations that can arise.


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